10 Best Spray Paint 2020 – [ Do Not Buy Before Reading This! ]

Spray painting is the process of painting which uses device called as spray paint on the substance or the material.

Process of spray painting:

Have you heard the term spray painting? Let’s discuss about the spray painting.

Spray painting process is nothing but the simple technique which uses a spray that is device to paint onto a material. Other technician’s use pieces of the other equipment and it is referring to the airbrushes.

Air brushes are hand held device and these are replacement of the old hand brushes and pot.

Spray painting is a new invention in the world of painting and this is one of the new devices of painting. This is the most effective and widely used because it sprays the paint on a wide area in one spray. These are also used for coating applications.

They are durable and versatile at the same time. They can provide you the best texture as they work for good finishing.

Factors to be into consideration while buying the spray paint:

Durability: many factors are essential to be in considering before buying. The paint spray should be durable. The color should not get faint with time. All sprayers are not the same in quality and features but you should check these qualities in every spray.

If you are painting something for outdoor use then it is most important that spray paint should be strong and durable. It should be useful for coating purposes.

Type of finish: it should provide a good type of finishing on the surface as well as it should be more shiny and fresh in looks. It should be glossy in looks. Pay attention to what type of spray you need. There are lots of choices available on the market such as glossy paint, normal paint, attractive and all that kind of paints.

Paint base: paint base matter a lot. As it is directly proportional to the quality of paint finish. This is one of the important factors to be in consideration while selecting the paint spray so can it eliminates the limitations.

Paint thickness: this is one of the important factors you need to be in consideration because the thickness of the paint can decide the texture of the paint.

Drying time: The paint should be dry in 15 to 30 minutes. This is one of the factors you need to pay attention to while buying the spray.

High heat resistance: you can ignore this factor but this is one of the factors that you need to be in consideration. If you are looking for paint spray to paint your kitchen then this factor is important to be in consideration.

Versatility: spray must be versatile and better in performance. You can buy all-purpose paint easily.

The types of spray paint currently available on the market:

There are many types of spray paints available on the market right now. Anyone can buy the spray from Amazon or the shop. By choosing the correct type of spray you can achieve the best type of paint finish.

Painting plastic is such a difficult task but you can paint it easily if you choose the right type of spray. Plastic spray paints are easily available on the market nowadays. So you can go for it. They are very portable and durable.

It is very important to choose the right type of spray paint because it increases the quality of the product. It is necessary to observe all the factors listed above and it is important to know about the best brand available on the market.

Different types of the spray painting:

There are many types of the spray-painting process are used and available. All the new technics includes air brushes, air gun spraying, High-volume low-pressure spraying, Low volume low pressure, electrostatic spray painting and spray booths.

  1. Air spraying:

This method of spraying is used at the time when the paint is used through a pneumatic powered spraying gun.

Air gun includes numerous parts like as nozzle, storage for paint basin, air compression unit which is adjustable too.

User of the air spraying gun simply pulls the trigger then with the help of compressed air paint is released.

  1. High-volume low-pressure spraying:

This method of spray painting is very same as to the traditional or old one. Yet, gun is used at low pressure, and there is higher in volume of the air available to enable the paint to be sprayed.

  1. Low-volume low-pressure spraying:

This method of spraying also similar as to the HVLP method.

In this method there is also use of low pressure and low volume for spraying paint.

  1. Electrostatic spray painting:

This type of the spray painting also termed as the powder painting or coating that use atomized particles which are electronically charged at the time when leave the nozzle of the gun.

Electric charged helps them to spread evenly at wide space.

  1. Booths:

These are frequently used for the car painting for guarantee the working conditions like as temperature, humidity, air flow, these sealed environments are equipped along with ventilation.

Spray Tip

Spray tip Is most important factor that customer should consider while buying spray paint.

Spray paint is the factor that decides the thickness of the paint spread.

Choosing the right tip can make an enormous difference to the finish quality, completion time, and cost effectiveness of any spraying project.

A good tip is a real investment and will pay for itself very quickly.

Simply follow our three-step process to select the right spray tip for your next paint job.

  1. Find you paint or stain thickness to work out your tip size
  2. Match the tip size to the fan width to work out correct tip size
  3. Confirm your selected tip is supported by your sprayer equipment


Equipment of the spray painting refers to the devices which is used for applying the surface coatings and to objects or the substances by means of the atomised liquids which are propelled via air, usually by compressed air.

This also used for optimising the coating application.

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For painting any substrate, spray paint is most effective and newer device used. As, spray paint spread the paint widely over the material.

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